Bon Maxie Easy-Drop Earring Holder & Accessory Stand (Lilac)


Description: Looking for an earring display that keeps you effortlessly organised, holds a tonne of earrings AND looks good doing it? No more earring-mess stress with our unique metal Easy-Drop™ Adjustable Earring Holder! Deep, easy-drop slots, tiered, compact storage for your entire collection, customisable display with adjustable rungs, no wasted space with extra-close drop slots. It even has a spot for rings, bracelets, hair ties and the option for additional storage.

Material: powder-coated metal, anti-rust treated

Holds: Mid holds up to 170 pairs. Double up where you can for more and see our tips on getting the most out of your earring holder.

Size: 297mm wide, 140mm deep, 270mm high angled back 


Care: Use a soft, dry cloth to clean.  Please note: adjustable bars will need to CLICK firmly into place - this is for extra security. If you're having trouble clicking, try one side at a time and it should go in place! 

Bending of edges and powder coating of metal is done by hand and may be slightly different over the bar teeth. Some may indent or chip slightly however this won't be visible once the bars are in place.

Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to be processed, packaged and ready to ship.

All orders are sent Express Post. Tracking information will be emailed to you once your parcel has been lodged with Australia Post.